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Turbo 400 to Dana 20 Adapter Bearing

Turbo 400 to Dana 20 Adapter Bearing

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Replacement TH400 to Dana 20 transfer case adapter bearing, made by Timken.  This is the bearing that goes in the center of the adapter (adapter not included).  

Timken Bearings are designed to maintain proper oil clearance, allowing a thin film of oil to form between the moving parts. They are made of high quality material which has resistance to fatigue failure. These bearings reduce friction between two parts, while the engine is running and features good performance, stability and reliability.

  • Fits:1965-1979 Wagoneer
  • Fits:1974-1979 Cherokee
  • Fits:1965-1979 J-trucks
  • Models:All with TH400 and D-20 Transfer Case
  • Timken Bearing
  • Adapter Not Included

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