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  • Best Crate AMC 401

    OK Everyone can flame me out for being lazy for not doing the STFA route. Were is the best place to get a CORRECT CRATE AMC 401 long block. I am located in Northern Nevada.
    I'm half tempted to just go get the one I found on C.L. locally but I want one that no one has ever laid a finger on. Since nobody builds the truck I want I'm just going to be my own vehicle company with the help of my two neighbors and build the truck I want. No more 4BT, 6V53T or a Chevy 383 just a keepin it real AMC 401. has anyone ever done a 7.3L power-stroke i have a good line on one of those too from engine all the way back to the transfer case?? The truck has a 3-4" body lift so all the diesels are possible.
    I converted the smokey old 360 to HEI-O.M.G. !! don't freak out if anyone does this conversion because you basically give the engine compartment a wire lobotomy. you tap the key stone cold and boom she's running strong and this is at 6400ft no choke and a rebuilt Holy with lean and mean jets. If you can, order the best HEI you can afford from BJ's website.
    Also if everyone can pipe in with their best manual tranny for the 401 I would like some input too it's getting mated up to my np208.
    Also this project cost me a trip to for the wife oh man I still can't sit down, but any wife that goes out on E-bay and orders you the entire Gladiator Grill set without asking Is pretty darn AWESOME !!
    God Bless our troops and I hope everyone in the FSJ world has a GREAT 2009.
    P.S. don't you guys just think you should mail me a free rag joint to my po box at this point? If I order another one that will be over $100.00 you guys have charged to my credit card for the Rag Joints. Thanks Jeremy.

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    Jeremy, we can provide the tracking for each and every order you've placed. If you aren't receiving the item, then either the delivery person keeps taking it to the wrong place (which we can initiate a trace on), or someone is stealing it (in which case you need to ask us to select the "Signature Required" box on the shipping label).

    For the 401, what is your budget?


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      I'm looking for a reliable long block with an RV cam that I can build up on a stand with TBI I'll peice together off of a 454 GMC/Chevy. My house is at a lower elevation of 6400ft I'm not screwing with a carb anymore.
      Doug Thorley headers from you guys along with everything that goes along with the install, engine mounts,hoses, prob relocate the oiling system.
      I've been following j2008 in JP Magazine and was going to possibly go that route but I have that engine I'n my TJ and while it scoots the Tj around ok it still strains in the little jeep at 5000-11000 ft.
      Anyone have any Ideas what NV 5 speed I can put behind this engine with the help of Advance adaptors heading out to my np208.
      The house two houses down from me just sold for $1.3 Million I think they have their eye out waiting for my third rag joint to show up so they can steal it to use in their Porsche Cayenne Transsyberia. Not to worry I have a lifetime membership to the NRA and am fully prepared with night vision and various firearms.
      I think the proper answer was somthing along the lines of yeah Jeremy this whole Rag Joint thing has gone too far and we're just going to send you one for free seeing you've paid us for two of them and never received either of them.
      I will keep an eye on this new couple with the Cayenne he looks like he possibly gets manny/petties on a regular basis and we all know what this means this guy could be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS !


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        Jeremy, to date, we have sent you 2 rag joints and only charged you for one. You purchased one 01-21-2008 and this was evidently lost. After a month or two, you told us that it was missing so in good faith, we sent you another for free. Since so much time had passed, there was nothing USPS could do to track it down.

        If you would like another, please order on our website and after you order, if you don't receive it within 1 week, contact us so we can take care of it sooner than later.



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          Can from now on we just have a gentlemen's agreement that all my orders go out UPS of FED ex. money isn't an object. I had a set of BFG's sit at FED EX in Reno for weeks before I tracked them down I'll fess up my house has a shipping problem why I don't know.
          I hope to continue to do a substantial amount of business with you guys I plan to use this j10 as my daily driver when it is complete.
          If my rag joint looks like its been through a meat grinder and my Super Swampers have already claimed a power steering pump is the rag joint dangerous at this point?
          Ok lets drop the rag joint again I know every $$ counts I'm an out of work low voltage guy and I know everyone on the forum including you guys are probably feeling the pinch too. My wife and I just managed to get lucky and bought a house on our street before the entire realestate insanity started. We are by no means rich if you are asking about my crate engine budget.
          Were would you two go if you were looking for an real AMC 401 with an RV Cam installed and absolutely no emissions on the engine I'm looking for the highest compression ratio crate engine that will run on pump gas. what year is going to give me the highest C.R. and can I buy an Advance adaptors bell housing from you guys to bolt up a NV 4550 5 speed tranny? Thanks Jeremy