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Mac's: Mac's Trail D-Vise #797979
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Price: $155.00

Mac's Trail D-Vise #797979

Trail D-Vise in Use #1 Trail D-Vise in Use #2 Trail D-Vise in Use #3 Trail D-Vise in Use #4 Trail D-Vise in Use #5

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Mac's Trail D-Vise make those on-the-trail repairs easier and more effective. Simply slide the D-Vise into your receiver, pin it and you have a stout bench vise in the middle of nowhere! Turns using your lugwrench or socket wrench, or better yet, the INCLUDED HANDLE that stows neatly on the side when not in use.
Special Features
The D-Vise was designed to open far enough to repair u-joints on the trail. Also, to be used for repairs such as welding. Can be pinned in place upright or sideways to accommodate different materials. New 'Slip-Not' surfaced jaws, and a separate set of pipe-jaws beneath. Another key feature: the vise can be slightly tightened down in the receiver and the hitch pin cannot be removed without a socket or wrench. Last, but not least, we've included a bottle opener. It seemed like the right thing to do.

  • Fits: All with 2" Receiver Hitch
  • Painted Black
  • Made in USA!

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