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BJ's Off-Road: BJ's Off-Road 4-inch Lift Kit 1976-1991
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Price: $880.00

BJ's Off-Road 4-inch Lift Kit 1976-1991

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BJ's Off-Road Custom 4-inch Suspension System. Our Suspension System is All-Spring with NO BLOCKS! Impress your friends, clear more obstacles, and make your rig look like it SHOULD have from the factory! You'll be amazed at how comfortable the ride is and how much better your off-road performance will be!

Now available with Bilstein 5125 shocks!

Please email us for a shipping quote.
Note: these are made to order, and take approximately 4-5 weeks to ship.

  • Fits: 1976-1983 Wagoneer, 1976-1983 Cherokee, 1976-1988 J-truck and 1984-1991 Grand Wagoneer
  • 4 New Leaf Springs (No Blocks)
  • New Grade 8 U-Bolts and Hardware
  • Brakelines are Braided Stainless Steel with Black Protective Coating and are DOT Approved
  • Very Comfortable, Soft Ride
  • Will accommodate 31-inch tires on Wagoneers, Grand Wagoneers and Narrowtrack Cherokees and 33-inch tires on J-trucks and Widetrack Cherokees
  • Drop Pitman Arm required for Narrowtrack rigs and recommended for Widetrack rigs
  • Every Component of our Lift Kits is Made in the USA! *except Bilstein shocks (made in Germany, assembled in USA) and Pro-Comp Shocks (Made in Mexico)
  • Front pack has 4 leaves each, and rear pack has 5 leaves plus overload leaf

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