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Katzkin: Katzkin Seat Covers 1983-1991 Fully Customizable!
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Price: $775.00 - $895.00

Katzkin Seat Covers 1983-1991 Fully Customizable!

 Single Tone Style  Insert Style  Combo Style

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New Katzkin Seat Covers are fully customizable for a custom or stock look. They feature very high quality leather with lots of insert options (see 'more images' on right). Other options include different color piping or stitching, perforated leather (this option does cost more), etc, etc. These are made to completely replace your old covers.
Click HERE to help see color and other options. These seats are available in one-tone, insert and combo only. We can help with a stock color choice also.

The Deluxe Kit has leather on the two seating areas of the rear seat, with all else being vinyl. The Premium Kit has leather on both faces, and vinyl on the sides and back. The front seats in both kits have leather on the faces, and vinly on the sides and back.

  • Fits: 1983-1991
  • Models: All with front bucket seats (with and without headrests)
  • Includes front seat covers, rear seat covers, headrests and console covers
  • Premium Kit uses more leather on the rear seat
  • Deluxe Kit uses less leather on the rear seat (same amount on the fronts)
  • Replaces all original seat carpeting with vinyl and/or leather
  • 3-year / 36,000 mile warranty
  • Claims handled through BJ's Off-Road
  • Extra Vinyl Available By The Yard For Door Panels, Etc. (will be added to site soon)

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