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BJ's Off-Road: Door Lock Springs
Price: $11.00 - $18.00

Door Lock Springs

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New Jeep door lock springs! These solve the falling-door-lock problem, when your locks fall down by themselves and lock the door accidentally. Over time the thin stock springs stretch, work loose or break, allowing your locks to fall and locking you out of your Jeep. Now you can replace your worn out or missing springs with our new versions and keep your doors unlocked when you want, and locked only when you choose!

  • Fits: 1963-1983 Wagoneer, 1974-1983 Cherokee, 1963-1988 J-truck and 1984-1991 Grand Wagoneer
  • Fixes your falling door lock problem!
  • Color-coded springs (yellow for driver's side, silver for passenger's side)
  • Free Shipping in the US!
  • Made in Australia

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