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3M Rear View Mirror Adhesive
3M Rear View Mirror Adhesive

3M Rear View Mirror Adhesive

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A Specialty Adhesive for a Tough Job!

3M™ Rear View Mirror Adhesive permanently bonds the rear view mirror bracket to windshields. Our two-part structural acrylic adhesive is specially formulated to bond two non-porous materials together. A specialty adhesive is recommended for rear view mirror installations because of the critical nature of the application. Rear view mirrors exist in an environment with challenging conditions that exceed the capacity of many adhesives.

Here is how our 3M™ Rear View Mirror Adhesive performs:

Professional Strength- The adhesive creates a strong bond that resists failure, even in very challenging conditions. Adhesive is resistant to chemicals.

Heat tolerant- When standing outdoors in direct sunlight, the windshield of a car becomes hot. Our adhesive is made to keep its secure attachment under those punishing conditions.

Humidity resistant- In regions where humidity is a factor, it's important that the adhesive resists degradation that can come from moisture in the air.

Moisture resistant- Windshields can become damp with dew and moisture condensation. Our adhesive maintains its integrity when exposed to those environmental factors.

Vibration resistant- Rear view mirrors take a lot of punishment from the vibrations that occur as vehicles ride over rough roads. Our adhesive is formulated to withstand the bumps and bangs that occur as a car travels on typical roads.

Impact resistant- With its position in a car, a rear view mirror can occasionally be bumped. Our super strong adhesive will keep holding under normal circumstances where moderate impacts occur.

3M™ Rear View Mirror Adhesive is perfect for installing new mirrors or ones that broke free from the windshield. This product is commonly used by windshield replacement and automotive restoration professionals.

Our two-part system comes with an adhesive and activator in separate tubes. It cures in approximately 15 minutes.

  • Two-part structural acrylic system designed to mount rear view mirrors
  • Holds up well in high temperatures and humid environments
  • Resistant to moisture, chemicals, vibration and impact
  • Simple application procedure
  • Cures in 15 minutes, depending on environmental conditions

  • Fits:All Full Size Jeeps
  • Installation Instructions HERE!

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