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AMC Vigilante 327 Complete Engine Gasket Set
AMC Vigilante 327 Complete Engine Gasket Set

AMC Vigilante 327 Complete Engine Gasket Set

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Part Number:01-1120
Complete Engine Gasket Set for the AMC 327 Vigilante V8!  This high quality gasket set features all the gaskets and seals for your engine.  Help seal your engine up tight as a drum with this kit, and impress your friends at the same time! 

This kit includes the following gaskets:

  1. Head Gaskets
  2. Oil Pump Inlet Tube Seal
  3. Valve Stem Seal
  4. Valve Stud Seal
  5. Valve Stem Seal
  6. Oil Pan Drain Plug
  7. Water Pump Manifold O-Ring
  8. Vibration Damper Seal & Dipstick Tube Seal
  9. Valve Cover Grommets
  10. Fuel Pump Mounting
  11. Thermostat Housing
  12. Water Pump Manifold to Block
  13. Timing Cover Seal
  14. Rear Main Cap Seal Kit
  15. Air Cleaner to Carburetor
  16. Oil Pump Cover
  17. Water Outlet
  18. Heat Riser
  19. Carburetor Base
  20. Water Pump to Block
  21. Oil Bypass Cover
  22. Oil Filter to Cylinder Block
  23. Rear Main Seal-Rope
  24. Air Cleaner to Carburetor
  25. Carburetor Base
  26. Oil Pump to Bearing Cap
  27. Carburetor Base
  28. Timing Cover
  29. Intake Manifold
  30. Valley Cover
  31. Oil Pan
  32. Valve Cover
  33. Knife Set for Rope Seals

  • Fits:1965-1968 Wagoneer
  • Fits:1965-1968 J-trucks
  • Models:All with AMC Vigilante 327 V8 Engine
  • Complete Gasket Set (includes more items than other brand kits!)

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