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Carpet Samples
Carpet Samples

Carpet Samples

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Sample Carpet Color and Code help
Carpet Samples (up to 4 per order).  Select the style first, then the color and click add to cart.  Do this for each of the samples you wish to order (no charge).

For more help on cut-pile colors, click this link:

For a complete list of colors and styles, check out the manufacturers site here:
Click on the style of carpet you are interested in, then select the color you want to go with.  

Note that each color is specific to the style of carpet (ie: Loop Colors are only available on Loop Carpet; Cut-Pile Colors are only available on Cut-Pile Carpet, and Essex Colors are only available on Essex Carpet).

**NOTE: Only 4 samples allowed per order.  If you add more than 4 samples to your order, we will only process the first four, and the others will be removed.