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Howell Fuel Injection Kit Buick 225
Howell Fuel Injection Kit Buick 225

Howell Fuel Injection Kit Buick 225

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Part Number:HB225

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This kit converts any Buick 225 V6 Jeep to ECM controlled throttle body fuel injection. New GM throttle body adapts directly to 2 or 4 barrel intake manifold, replacing your carburetor. The kit contains all necessary sensors, wiring harness, ECM and electric fuel pump (no fuel lines). Runs with stock Jeep distributor. Great for fixing carburetor problems once and for all!
  • Fits:1966-1971 Jeepster / Commando
  • Fits:1966-1971 CJ5
  • Fits:1966-1971 CJ6
  • Models:All with Dauntless & Oddfire 225 V6 (if 1bbl intake, must change to 2bbl or 4bbl intake)
  • Excellent Throttle Response
  • Improved Fuel Economy - 2-3 MPG
  • Expect 10-15 HP and Torque Gains
  • Kit includes non-heated single wire O2 sensor (heated sensor available if desired)