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Offenhauser C-Series Single Plane Intake Manifold Early Straight 6 232 258

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The C Series manifolds are designed to fill the void between absolute street performance and modified street / race applications.  These manifolds have been designed to accept larger carbs of a performance variety because the plenum and runners of the manifold have been opened up to carry the high volume flow required by modified engines at high RPM’s.

These manifolds come with stock emissions provisions for those vehicles which might be used as a modified street / race application.  Vehicles used in race only may block-off these provisions as necessary.

The C Series Offy open plenum design really boosts engine breathing characteristics and greatly improves the torque in mid to higher RPM’s.  The torque range of these manifolds has been designed to fit into street modified and competition RPM requirements of the 6 cylinder engines.  Depending on the size of the carb and engine type, the C series manifold has a fantastic range from approximately 2500 RPM delivery great performance through 7000+ RPM.  Naturally, the larger the carb, the higher the RPM range will be.  

This installation adds more horsepower to your 6-cylinder than any other single piece of performance equipment.

Uses standard 4bbl carb from 400 CFM to 600 CFM depending on whether it’s for street or competition.

Works great with the Edelbrock 1403 500cfm carburetor!


  • Works with stock exhaust manifolds
  • If using headers, there is a chunk of aluminum along 2 runners that will have to be machined out to clear headers (using stock manifolds is recommended). 
  • NO linkage kit available.  Customer must fabricate / adapt. 
  • The carb will be mounted sideways, and there is a cable and bracket to the carb included in the kit.
  • If auto, will need to convert to cable kickdown  
  • Holley carbs have a lever that goes up and down, which may interfere with the manifold.  If so, use hacksaw to remove lower part of kickdown to clear manifold.  

  • Fits:All with 232 / Early 258 Straight 6
  • Single Plane Design
  • Square Bore Style
  • Increases Fuel Economy!
  • Increases Horsepower!
  • Performs from 2,500 RPM to 7,000 RPM
  • Made in the USA

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