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RobbMC Gen II PowerSurge Fuel Surge Tank
RobbMC Gen II PowerSurge Fuel Surge Tank

RobbMC Gen II PowerSurge Fuel Surge Tank

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RobbMc PowerSurge: An Easier Way to Upgrade Your Fuel System

The RobbMc PowerSurge (PS) is a high-performance fuel system designed to enhance rather than replace your stock fuel system. The PowerSurge is small (5" in diameter and 8" tall) but once mounted in your car, the PowerSurge works with your stock fuel system to support up to 1000 horsepower! (See chart below for horsepower ratings).

The PowerSurge can be used with carburetors or fuel injection, (naturally aspirated or forced induction) and installs quickly and easily. Unlike normal fuel pumps designed for high horsepower applications, the PowerSurge requires no changes to the factory fuel system.

  • No need to change your fuel lines: Use your stock 5/16" or 3/8" fuel lines.
  • No need to change your stock fuel pump: Use your stock low performance fuel pump available at any auto parts store.
  • No need to replace the sending unit in your fuel tank: Use your stock 5/16" or 3/8" sending unit.
  • No need to sump your tank or install a fuel cell: Use your stock fuel tank with no worries about acceleration or cornering.
  • No need to get under your car: The PowerSurge can be installed in your engine compartment. Connect it to your stock fuel pump, your carb or fuel injection, your factory 1/4" return line, and a bypass regulator (see notes below). Then connect one wire to switched 12V power and one to ground. That's it. No crawling around under the car to install.

Because the electric fuel pump in the PowerSurge is submerged in gasoline, the pump is very quiet. Also, because it is submerged, there is no chance of the pump sucking air into the system during acceleration or cornering.

The PowerSurge is ideal when converting older vehicles to fuel injection because your stock fuel system (including your stock fuel pump) is retained. This not only makes it easy to install, it makes it very easy to convert the car back to original if desired.

Horsepower Ratings: The amount of crank horsepower (HP) each PowerSurge can support depends on the maximum fuel pressure required. The more fuel pressure required, the less horsepower that can be supported.

Fuel Pressure (PSI)          Max HP (PS500)                                Notes:

7                                             700                                                All ratings @ 13.5 volts

25                                           625                                                Subtract 75 HP @ 12 volts

40                                           575                                                All ratings for gasoline.

60                                           500                                                Subtract 30% for E85

70                                           450        

90                                           325        



  • The PowerSurge must be used with a bypass (return style) regulator. However, some fuel injection systems have an internal bypass regulator. With these systems, no additional regulator is required.
  • For use with gasoline or ethanol. Not recommended for use with methanol.
  • Not recommended for applications requiring more than 75 psi (90 psi intermittent).
  • Requires the use of a factory 1/4" return line to the fuel tank. If not present, a 1/4" or larger return line must be added.
  • Made in the USA.

You will need to purchase (locally) the following:
  • 2 quantity 3/8" NPT (3/8" tapered pipe) fittings for the return and feed.  One end of the fittings needs to be 3/8" NPT male.  The other end depends on the type of hoses used.  Note that the feed hose is under high pressure, so you can use either a -6AN hose and fitting, or an inverted flare, SAE 45 degree, etc.  On the return hose, you can use a simple nipple and hose clamps since it is low pressure.
  • fuel hose rated to the pressure your system needs, going from the factory mechanical pump to the Surge tank, and from the Surge Tank to the EFI or Carb you are using.
  • heat shield for the fuel hose is recommended
  • heat shield for the Surge tank is recommended

  • Fits:All Full Size Jeeps
  • Works with Carburetors or Fuel Injection!
  • Works with Stock Fuel Pump, Sending Unit and Lines!
  • The PowerSurge Must Be Used With A Bypass (Return Style) Regulator
  • Works with Gasoline or Ethanol (Not Recommended For Use With Methanol)
  • Not Recommended For Applications Requiring More Than 75 PSI (90 PSI Intermittent)
  • Requires 1/4" Return Line To Fuel Tank
  • Bypass Regulator Available Here
  • Surge Tank Instructions (PDF Format)
  • Made in the USA

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