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Universal Gear Shift Indicator Sending Unit
Universal Gear Shift Indicator Sending Unit

Universal Gear Shift Indicator Sending Unit

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Part Number:GSS-3000

Dakota Digital's Universal Gear Shift Position Sending Unit for use with all Dakota Digital HDX, VFD and VHX Instrument Systems, Gear Shift Position Indicators and 12 volt LED indicators.

The GSS-3000 is a new generation of gear-shift position system from Dakota Digital. They’ve minimized the decoder (the brain of the system), and the new, smaller size with inboard terminals allows for easier installation. Able to be used with a Dakota Digital instrument system or on its own, this versatile unit can relay transmission gear position to a VFD, VHX, HDX or RTX instrument system, as well as the DGS-series of standalone indicators.


  • Built-in outputs for reverse lights (up to 15 amps) and neutral safety switch (with supplied 30amp relay).
  • Easy setup and calibration.
  • User-calibrated for 2-4 forward gears plus Park, Reverse and Neutral.
  • Stainless steel and aluminum mounting hardware included for a variety of transmissions.
  • Includes: Mounting hardware included to fit automatic transmissions including GM TH350, TH400, 700R4, 4L60/70/80, as well as Ford C-4 and C-6.  Other transmissions will utilize the included universal mounting bracket.

 GSS-3000 supercedes the GSS-1000 and GSS-2000

 **Dakota Digital gear position indicators sold separately for those without Dakota Digital Gauges.

  • Fits:All FSJ's with Automatic Transmissions

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